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Deadline: 15 July 2011

Novara Cine Festival
11-15 October 2011 – Novara/Italy

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The 8th contest/ festival, promoted by the Association Novara Cine Festival and by the “City of Novara” is open to any filmmaker without any restriction of sex, age, religion or origin.

It will be held in Novara from 11th to 15th October 2011.

Any Italian or international filmmaker who has shot a fiction short film not earlier than December 2009 and lasting no less than 3 minutes and no longer than 25 minutes can enter the contest. Non fiction films will be included in section “Lab”.

Contest sections

SECTION A: Horizontal scenarios

Any kind of fiction short film that as regards topic and setting deal with the plain, however presenting an idea of visual horizontality typical of great outdoors in any area of our planet. Explorations of a real or fantasy landscape, element of nature or of the soul.


Any kind of film on a free topic that has been made without the restrictions of section A.


This section is for animated or experimental films.

The festival Board will reserve the right to activate section Panorama for additional fiction films.


Whoever is interested In submitting his entry will have to send:

a) entry form, fully filled in and signed .In the form the contestants have to declare that they hold the rights to use the film, they know the regulations and accept them without reserves.

b) A copy of the film for selection on Mini DV or DVD standard PAL format.

Standard SECAM or NTSC format will not be accepted. Each videocassette must contain only one film and must be wrapped in a plastic holder. Labels both on the tape and on the holder must show: title, running time in minutes, filmmaker’s name , copyright holder’s name/s.

c) At least 2 still photographs from the film and 1 photo of the filmmaker (on print, slide or digital backup 300 dpi, 10×15; 2.000 x 1.312 pixel). The Association Novara Cine Festival may use this material for promotional purposes and for the issue of the catalogue.

d) If admitted to the festival: a second copy of the film will have to be sent for the Jury and for the movie theatre screening in any of the following optional formats:

– Videodigital system: Mini DV; DVD, DVD Blu-ray

Digital videos must be in standard PAL.

e) Films with non Italian dialogues or voice-overs, should be provided with captions in Italian.


Films by filmmakers institutionally connected to the Organizing Board will not be accepted.


Each filmmaker will be allowed to submit only 1 film to each Festival. The running time of the film (min.3’ – max 25’) is meant to go from the first to the last shot (titles included).

Films already submitted to previous Novaracinefestival will not be admitted.

Filmmakers are responsible for the subject-matter of their own works.

The selection Committee may refuse any film which because of topics or technical failures could possibly contrast the festival policy as the festival is open to any audience.


The Film and the Entry form must be submitted to

NOVARA CINE FESTIVAL, Via G. De Agostini 2, 28100 Novara – ITALY, by July 15th, 2011.

For the dispatch of the work date as postmark. Mini DV Works for the selection will not be returned and will be kept in the film archives of the Association. The Festival Board will not be responsible for any damage, theft, loss or late delivery which may occur. Copies of the films sent for public screening (film or any other digital/analogical System) will be returned only under specific request of the contestants.

Films must be sent either by EMS SpeedPost or by Courier with the following customs declaration: “Without any commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.

Films from Italy and UE countries must be sent by EMS SpeedPost or by Courier. Works from NON-UE countries must be sent by Courier DHL, UPS, FEDERAL EXPRESS.

Please, confirm any shipment by FAX +39 0321 331187, or by E-MAIL


A special Board appointed by the Festival Organizers will select the videocassettes. Nominations will be announced by September 12th, 2011 and will be screened to the public in the aforementioned dates in Novara cinemas or suitable halls, according to the Program planned by the Festival Board.

A Jury of art, television and movie experts will further judge the films- The Jury will be officially presented during a press-conference and will be mentioned on our web-site :
Awards day will be held on October 15th, 2011.



sections A and b

The Jury of sections A and B, at its absolute discretion and unchallengeable judgment, will award the following prizes:

Award for the best short film Sec.A: Euros* and “Nando” Cup

Award for the best short film Sec.B: Euros* and “Nando” Cup

Special Prize Novara Chamber of Commerce for the best original soundtrack: Euros* and “Nando” Cup

Best cinematography. “Nando”Cup

Best actress:”Nando”Cup

Best actor:”Nando”Cup

Students’Award :”Nando”Cup.

sections Panorama and Lab

The Jury of sections Panorama and Lab will give the following awards:

Award for the best short film section Lab – no-fiction:”Nando”Cup

Award for the best short film section Lab – animation:”Nando”Cup

Award for the best short film section Panorama:”Nando”Cup (If the section is activated


(selected among all the sections of the Festival)

– Award ORDINE DEGLI ARCHITETTI P.P.C. DI NOVARA E V.CO which will highlight the contrasts and the urban and landscape features of the plain will be awarded with Euros* and “Nando”Cup.

*The total amount of the prizes in Euros will be officially confirmed on Internet by 12th September 2011.

Should the film have two or more copyright holders or in case of ex-aequo, the prize will be equally divided.

Art. 8-

The winning filmmaker and/or film producer of the film sent for the contest undertakes to collect himself the prize at the award ceremony on October 15th, 2011.

In case of serious unforeseen difficulties the filmmaker and/or the producer can ask a delegate who played an active role in the shooting of the film to collect the prize in his stead.

The absence of one of the above mentioned persons, except for the mention of the work on all the official records of the festival, leads to no obligation of the association to present the prize; the Association may assign it to a different purpose.


The Festival organizers will make use of customary rights of the films presented only for non-profit, promotional and cultural purposes; for example as reference for teachers and students.


Contest entry involves unconditional acceptance of all the regulations herein, especially as regards art.8. The Festival organizers reserve the right to take decisions on debated questions and on matters not specified herein.

The names of the winners will be notified to the press and put on the Festival Web-site in October 17th, 2011.


Publication Festival Contest: March 2011

Deadline to send films: July 15th, 2011

Admitted films must have been made after: December 1st, 2009

Festival program with the list of selected films will be presented: September 12th, 2011.

Festival with public screening: from Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th of October, 2011.

Awarding night: Saturday 15th of October, 2011

Online Entry Form