Call for entries
Deadline: 15 May 2011

Video Art Festival «Now&After»
will take place within the period 13 July – 4 September 2011 in Moscow, Russia as a part of the Annual International Exhibition of Young Art “Workshop 20’11” in Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

A distinctive feature of the Festival is the form of its display. Selected works will be presented during the exhibition as an ongoing unique video installation.

Now and after is both the real world and the world of our imagination, as well as the world of memories which live in the present and are going to move into the future. We paint with a video camera, animate our fantasies and bring into being options for future. Participants are encouraged to test their sense of time, the perception of the present and what will happen after it which is inextricably linked with what had happened before.

Conditions for participation

The length of the film should be no more than 5 minutes.

Entries are limited by no more than three films.

Please send your entry forms to Festival’s e-mail:

Video works should be sending by post or be downloaded to the any free upload/download service and sending link by e-mail.

If you prefer to upload your video, you should send your entry forms and links for downloading from the Internet to:

Accepted formats:
The file for downloading should content the following parameters:
extension: .avi, .mov
frame size: 720×576, 25 fps,
compression: dv – pal

If you prefer to send a DVD (PAL) or miniDV, please print out your entry form and send it along with your DVD or miniDV to:

Marina Fomenko, ul. Narodnaya, 9, 115172, Moscow, Russia
with the subscript “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value”

To download the entry form click on the link on the website of Moscow Museum of Modern Art

or send a request to receive an entry form by e-mail to:

Your film can be used for the Festival’s presentation, in non-commercial research and for educational purposes (copyrights belong to the authors of the film).

The authors of the best films will be awarded festival’s prizes.

Deadline: 15 May 2011

Authors submitted their works to the Festival agree to the terms for participation above.