Call for entries
Deadline: 31 October 2011

TRAVERSE VIDEO Festival 2012
Experimental art meeting, Traverse Vidéo programs movies, video, digital writing, installations, performance and plastic photography.
March 2012 – Toulouse/France

The selection for movies, video and digital writing takes necessary place on DVD supports, with synopsis, pictures and statement of intent, to which are added for performance and installation a very specific requirements and reproduction for photography.

A registration form specific to each kind of artwork is to print form our website, link in the home page-filled up, it must be joined to your sending.

Call for project 2012

« Faut voir »
To readout, with intonation « faut voir !/ faut voir ?/faut voir…»

Which transforms the doubt of necessity to see in question about motivation to see or about the existence of an object of seeing in a imperative of seeing…whereas this order even can inflect itself as an invite, an advice, an obligation or even more as a duty.

Admittedly all art manifestation otherwise all creation is based on the desir otherwise the project to make see (“faire voir”) or even to give hard time (“en faire voir”) with the risk of joining a “politique of public”, a politic of “false see”.

This one, far from opening a way to artworks reputable difficult by a awareness thought, by a training or a intelligent mediation, is conservable by choosing which is not a barrier : the nice, the ludic, the entertaining.

Indeed, under the pretext of democratization, she denies to this public, which neither doesn’t go to museums nor in exhibitions, this faculty to snatch keys which could open it and just accords to this public those marked by this politic. The artwork appetence does not follow so simple aptitudes, determined, reserved for some chosen social group but happens from inequality of artistic training and its linked artistic immersions.

Traverse Vidéo doesn’t have neither competences nor power for this reversal though essential –but by declension resulting from its thematic it would like to attract “to see” to be implemented, regarding the fullest meaning of thought act, a self-own look, looking for and looking at, looking at more precisely, taking time, catch this “to see”.

See to understand, “comprendre” in French in the gordardian meaning “prendre avec soi” “to take with oneself” and not regarding the meaning of being satisfied with an explanation reader’s digest or a mass of biographic indications.

Need to see ? yes, we do to see (better) without prejudices, consciously…

Proposals expected may take care of this entreaty of viewer, know oneself pending meaning, without giving necessary an answer.