Call for entries
Deadline: 30 July 2011

19 & 20 November 2011 – Nicosia/Cyprus

Yearly, the Pantheon Cultural Association (PCA) based in Nicosia, Cyprus organises its annual Xperimental Film & Animation Festival, collecting and coordinating creators of all kinds who have chosen to express themselves through film and animation.

Unlike many of the event the Association organises, this one comes forward and carries out an international call for xperimental films and animation all the while giving this opportunity to artists free of charge.

The reason for contacting you is one, that of communicating this message and thus ensuring an interesting and widely selected projection of works. Whether this is done by merely catching your personal attention, through adding our link to your website or merely passing it on to people you believe may be interested, we are grateful and stand in a position to support you where and when we can.

Please visit for more information about our festival or to find out more about who we are and what we do.

Pantheon Cultural Association
P.O.Box 25353,
1309 Nicosia,