call for entries
Deadline: 30 September 2011

2nd Arte Video Roma Festival
November 2011 – Rome/Italy

Enrolment opened and preparations underway for the second edition of the Arte Video Roma Festival 2011, the annual event dedicated to the audiovisual research, organized by C.A.R.M.A. – Applied Multimedia Art and Research Center – and edited by Le Momo Electronique group.

The new edition, scheduled for mid-November 2011, is carachterized by substantial innovations in structure and intentions and focuses primarily on offering an opportunity to meet and exchange between national and international realities involved in the production and dissemination of the arts. In fact, with the Centre selection proposal (C.A.R.M.A. section) consisting of directly invited artists and other selections from those who answered the specific international call, selections from some of the most prestigious Italian, European and beyond will be proposed. Selections for this edition will be proposed by: Image Passages (French organization for many years engaged in the promotion of visual arts), Visualcontainer (first Italian distributor of video art, which houses the works of some of the most interesting artists of our country), Cologne Off (German festival that has become one of the main references in the new world of expressive forms in question) and Visionaria (one of the first Italian festival to open up and give attention to these forms of art). Other collaborations are still in definition.

As for the competition is expressed as the coordinator of the curatorial team Veronica D’Auria: “Our primary intention is to show the best of current production, so we decided to make our festival a space welcoming selections from realities that we believe are the most relevant […] is certainly important to maintain an open door (through competition) to all those who want to bring their works, but to show only the highest quality (as we understand ) we need not to determine in any way a number of selected, nor does to create a special section (among those who send us their proposals we could not expose any) but any selected will have the certainty (returning to our C.A.R.M.A. section, presented together with best productions in circulation) to be joined in a high-profile shows. ”

Until September 30 there will be for all the authors who have reached eighteen years of age possibility to post their works and submit them to the attention of the curatorial team; there’s also a website dedicated to all relevant information,, where you can also view the first edition finalist videos as well as those who wish to apply for the section CARMA Festival 2011.

A real opportunity for emerging artists to be known in a context of international appeal which as always will take part some of the most distinguished specialized critics.

The deadline for the competition was extended to September 30, 2011

Information and registration:

Curator and Head of Press Office:
Veronica D’Auria 349 2304021,

Head of external relations:
Frine Beba Favaloro

C.A.R.M.A. – Applied Multimedia Art and Research Center