Call for entries
Deadline: 29 February 2012

Multiplexer Open Call for Video

Multiplexer is seeking artists, videographers, media archivists, designers and anyone with a deep interest in video beyond the scope of the traditional narrative, pictorial, and aesthetic productions and projects already highly visible and represented by mainstream media and film.

The curatorial efforts will focus on exhibiting work that can, on its own and without the need for elaborate installation, be understood as exploratory in the medium and has the capacity to bring about critical thoughts and ideas.

Archival, historical, contemporary, documentary and just about any category conceivable will be considered.

Multiplexer is located on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, foot traffic and exposure of selected works to visitors and locals will be high. This is a great opportunity to present your art in a unique context. Selected artists will also be invited to display their work in other interesting settings such as planned generator power screenings in the Vegas Valley region .

About the space
Multiplexer is a small space and has two screens each one capable of HD 1080p video resolutions. The systems will also play out smaller raster sizes. The videos selected will be curated and displayed in sequence.

Video Eligibility
Videos submitted must meet the following criteria:

1. The video must not exceed 6 minutes in length.
2. A link to an online version of the video must be made available to the curator, no mail in submissions.
3. The videos submitted and the legal right to exhibit them must be the authors.
4. A maximum of one video per month per author.

Submission Instructions
Send an email with the title of your video on the subject line to

The following information must be in the body of the email:
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Title of the Video
4. Video Duration and Native Format (i.e. the native raster size, frame rate, and codec used for display)
5. Year it was created
6. A short description of the video
7. A link to the video itself on the web (no mail submissions of DVD’s or CD’s)
8. Additional links to a website or a blog that can help understand the intent of the video are useful but not mandatory.

Selection Requirements
If selected you will be asked to format the video to specific standards, this will allow your video to display correctly on our systems. Currently our systems prefer:

720p or 480p(video native frame rate but not to exceed 30)
h.264 AVC in either MOV or MP4 wrapper.

1080p remains untested but will be added when considered stable and reliable.

Authors of videos selected will receive technical support and assistance from Multiplexer in converting and compressing the video to an acceptable format.

About Multiplexer
Multiplexer Is a new art space Downtown in the City of Las Vegas. The exhibits will focus on the potential of video as a medium, and away from the over explored, web-based sensationalism, corporate media and Hollywood film industry now dominant. The space exhibits work that crosses the threshold from visual language to relevant and poignant explorations in a wide variety of subjects and motifs.

The interest in video goes beyond video artwork. Multiplexer will also focus on the detritus and artifacts of video technology and its relationships to changes and shifts in history, from analog to digital, broadcasts, video art and home videos. From the anthropological and scientific, to the exploratory and experimental; all genres and categories of video work will be considered for exhibition.

The art space is located in downtown Las Vegas two blocks from the 12 million LED screen Viva Vision, on Fremont Street, both a technological inspiration and an unsettling reminder of the power media wields.

Multiplexer is owned and curated by David Sanchez Burr. David has been curating exhibits sporadically since 1993, and this will be his first full time curatorial effort. He received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and his MFA from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His experience includes Graduate Programs Manager at the San Francisco Art Institute from 1999 to 2006 and has worked in the professional video software industry at Softron Media Services for the past two years. David has also exhibited internationally and has resided in Las Vegas since 2006.

For further information please email:


520 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
United States of America