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call: Athens International Video Art Festival 2012

Call for entries
Deadline: 15 March 2012

Athens Video Art Festival
released in partnership between Athens International Video Art Festival & Cologne International Video Art Festival

Athen International Video Art Festival
May 2012


The units forming a whole create, by the use of symbols, codes and languages, in order to perceive, understand, and communicate with each other. A whole, a code, a language or communication in general must begin with the formation of a sequence of cohesive meaning. The innate need of human beings, as units forming a whole, to express themselves leads them to discover a code, whose starting point is their perceptive ability. Every code as an active structure, a communication system, influences the social structure, while the transient nature of society causes the continuous development of new codes and the redefinition of existing ones. The artistic medium is condusive to the development of the code: through creative dialogue it enriches the sensory experience of the viewer. The recorded material resulting from the artistic activation of space and/or appropriation of the body is filtered and forms a new language, new communication potential. The exploration of the new communication code then brings together, in an original way, artist and viewer, and forges a two-way relation between them, as demanded by the times. Athens Video Art Festival is a living organism created and developed within the contemporary art and society environment to address a wide range of artistic and social issues. It aims at contributing to the strengthening of the ties between audience and artists, on the foundation of a multipurpose program seeking to enhance artistic and social awareness and understanding. The New Code establishes an alternative view of digital arts history and of their relation to an ever changing everyday life, thus reintroducing AVAF.


AVAF extends an open invitation to artists who are interested in developing their ideas by experimenting on the platform of new technologies, under no thematic restrictions, in 7 categories.


Tue, February 7 2012 » calls: external, film/video, new media