Enter a new kind of museum - the New Museum for Networked Art - a challenge in perceiving new aspects of contemporary art!

Le Musee di-visioniste

a museum in form of a divisionistic image consisting of countless color dots in form of projects and sub-projects, artists, curators and networking instances, like art institutions and organisations!

Become a part of a multi-dimensional virtual scuplture

via interactivity - your activity in getting involved in running processes, facing historical establishments, giving the sensually perceived the actual new meaning!

Le Musee di-visioniste confronts

you with the non-expected. Enter the processes and become part of a global experiment when ever you have the chance to do so.

A Museum like fresh air to breath

get fascinated by new kind of images rising inside of you, multi-facetted, colourful and overwhelming. how was it possible, that you did not know Agricola de Cologne before?


itself a media art project, artvideoKOELN is representing the operating system behind the museum

Agricola de Cologne

Agricola de Cologne - artist brand, media art project, virtual artists and curator

A Virtual Memorial

A Virtual Memorial Foundation
International Center for Commerative Interventions
featuring the manifestations of Shoah Film Collection


Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art - historical museum for net based art 2000-2010


Artistic platform for sonic art 2004-2010
exhibition "soundOBJECT" and
SIP - SoundlLab Interview Project

Art & Moving Images

based on more than 5000 videos curated programs from VideoChannel, Cologne International Videoart festival and other festivals and Collective Trauma Films Collections


the museum's most active department - acting cross-platform, cross-departemental and cross-diasciplinary


from Violence Online Festival until CologneOFF and Cologne Art & Animation Festival


Agricola de Cologne as a network, the networks of projects, artists curators and cultural instances


The exhibitions encompass the venues of exhibitions, respectively the instituional structures, as well as their contents (program)


Collection of institutional partners, eg cultural institutions, festivals and organisations


What is the context the process of the divisionistic image is embedded in?

Le Musee di-visioniste - the new museum of networked art

representing a new artistic Universerve consiting of networks of projects, artists, curators, cultural instituitions - countless color dots composed to a divisionistic image by Agricola de Cologne
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