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The 3 Francesca´s

The 3 Francesca’s (+) Project – a feature in the framework of the new “Hall of Fame” program including 30 video works by 3 internazionally renown Italian female artists by 1st name Francesca and family name Fini, Lolli and Leoni (the latter also in partnership with Davide Mastrangelo).

The 3 Francesca’s are striking in the Italian contemporary art scene not only through the same first name Francesca, but primarily, of course, through their individual creativity in the same field of artistic expression, e.g. artistic (live) performance and moving images e.g. video performance & video art – making all three of them predestined for – The Hall of Fame @ The New Museum of Networked Art.

Through their female power and as a light in the darkness of The Summer of 2022, The 3 Francesca’s are representing the ideal Ambassadors for Peace and Freedom – in solidarity with Ukraine in the framework of the “Peace Letter to Ukraine Project” – The New Museum of Networked Art initiated an 1 March 2022 on occasion of the Russian war against Ukraine – a war intending nothing else than destruction and misery in Ukraine endangering Peace and Freedom, not only in Europe but worldwide, by replacing Peace through War, Humanity through Violence, Diversity through Uniformity, Truth through Fakes and Freedom through Totalitarianism.

The 3 Francesca’s are standing as the symbol for Freedom – the freedom of the word, expression and movement – the fertile soil for the arts, as well as for a free and liberal democratic society.
In so far, The 3 Francesca’s Project is transporting also the message of Hope – through art!

The project was launched on 4 June 2020 simultaneously at the physical space of Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles and virtual space at Alphabet Art Center Cologne in the frame work of the international solidarity project for Ukraine – Peace Letters to Ukraine 7.

Enter – The 3 Francesca’s
Enter – Peace Letters 7