2025 - 25 years -                     The New Museum of Networked Art

2025 - 25 years - The New Museum of Networked Art

networked excellence since 2000


The New Museum of Networked Art aka the NewMediaArtProjectNetwork://cologne, also named “Le Musee di-visioniste is the manifestation or visualization of an Utopia, the Utopia of Agricola de Cologne. Thus the basis is representing an artistic,...

Peace Letters to Ukraine

On occasion of the Russian war against the Ukraine 2022 The 7 Memorials for Humanity is reactivating The Violence Project: War in Europe, this was out of any imagination before the current Russian dictator started...

NICA/MI – New Institute for Contemporary Art & Moving Images

CologneOFF – Cologne International Festival Network https://cologneoff.nmartproject.net artvideoKOELN – audiovisual experiences https://ave.nmartproject.net VideoChannel – international curatorial platform https://videochannel.nmartproject.net VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project https://vip.nmartproject.net NewMediaFest 2007 https://2007.nmartproject.net/ NewMediaFest 2010 https://2010.nmartproject.net/ NewMediaFest 2020 https://retro2020.nmartproject.net/

Retro2020 Museum

NewMediaFest2020 is taking place between 26 December 2019 and 31 December 2020 – as an event structure in an exchange between virtual and physical space in collaboration with networking partners all over the world. During...

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The Anthropocene Project 2024 – II

Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens 2024

20 years – ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival

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Finiteness- Infinity

2025 –
lets celebrate the foundation

01.01.2000 – 01.01.2025
25 Years – Agricola de Cologne
25 Years – The New Museum of Networked Art

The Foundation Screening Series
@ Alphabet Art Centre

4 February - 01 April 2024

4 February-01 April 2024

The year 2024 is dedicated to the new project of “The Agricola Foundation for the Arts”,
The programs at Alphabet Art Centre would like to support the project during the foundation procedure 2024.

featuring videos by

Isabel Del Pulgar (Spain) – Ossum, 2014, 9:20
Marcantonio Lunardi Italy) – The Perfect Pandemic Criminal, 2020, 4:05
Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain) – Virulencia, 2020, 5:05
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Skinned, 2018, 7:24
Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – Pillar of Fire, 2021, 6:59
Henry Gwiazda (USA) – Flowing, 2022, 8:17
Ian Gibbins (Australia) – The Exclusion Principle, 2020, 4:45
Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru) – The House, 2020, 8:15
Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – Wamdel. 2022. 3:38

16 - 26 May 2024

Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens 2024

@ ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival // 16-26 May 2024
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
screenings on 17, 21, 25 May 2024

List of videos:
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Back drop, 2021, 4:03
Heidi Kumao (USA) – Devoured, 2020, 1:08
Isthmaël Baudry (France) – Morphoex-Bettina, 2019, 4:00
Lilia Li-Mi-Yan and Katherina Sadovsky (Russia) – A000000000001000AA011, 2021, 09:00
Laura y Sira Cabrera (Spain) – Alterations , 2023. 7:29
Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – The Peaceable Kingdom, 2023, 5:28
Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – The Mind’s Egg, 2023, 2:30
Monika K. Adler (UK) – Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023, 3:11
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Paradise Lost, 2022, 6:00
Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay) – The Subway Acupuncturist, 2023, 11:28
Thomas Vallianatos (Greece) – Athens-the present that didn’t exist, 2023, 3:51
Oliver Griem (South Korea) – A Virtual Death, 2021, 2:11


Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Back drop, 2021, 4:03
The video shows that we live in the stage setting of an apparently ideal world. Despite
the current crises and threats, we cling to this illusion of security and idyll, although
we are slowly beginning to sense how fragile this life finally is. The very slow
tracking shot demystifies our way of life.

Heidi Kumao (USA) – Devoured, 2020, 1:08
Absurdist animated quarantine comedy. Isolated at home, facing a barrage of news updates, a character nervously responds.

Isthmaël Baudry (France) – Morphoex-Bettina, 2019, 4:00
By reading the novel “Immortality” by Milan Kundera, the video is trying to create a ghost of Bettina Von Arnim haunting Wolfgang von Goethe as a metaphorical movement, plunging the viewer into another dimension. The masks symbolizing the image of Bettina show – behind the shadow there is window, behind the darkness is light.

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan and Katherina Sadovsky (Russia) – A000000000001000AA011, 2021, 09:00
The artists explore the theme of the possibility of human interaction and connection with other forms of existence. The posthuman possesses not just new systems of defending itself against environmental degradation and destruction, but also new ways of perception and feeling. Still, it appears to have the same concerns: the rights of the posthuman, immortality, love, responsibility, the anachronism of gender and the transcendence of birth and reproduction.

Laura y Sira Cabrera (Spain) – Alterations , 2023. 7:29
The video tries to express how life in the city makes us insensitive, absurd, as
profoundly stupid and mechanical beings, alienated from Nature. We live alterations such
as fires, torrential rains, droughts, unbreathable air… We are hyper-exploiting humans, all
living beings and natural resources, to the point of endangering thousands of living species
and producing a rupture that leads us to our own extinction. The images are tuned to the
music, which gives them the strangeness and emotional tone.

Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – The Peaceable Kingdom, 2023, 5:28
The Peaceable Kingdom” is a dreamscape of various domestic and wild animals inhabiting human architectural spaces. Absent of humans, the video would depict animals interacting naturally within human settings. Convincingly real but at the same time clearly digital, they encompass a type of animal deepfake ontology.

Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – The Mind’s Egg, 2023, 2:30
The mind’s egg is our subconscious: it contains dreams and ideas, intuition and experiences that may give birth to inventions, new insights or new art forms. The drawn figures seem to come out of the egg, but at the same time they nest the egg in a protected environment. When the drawing is completed, the egg and the figures undergo a transformation. The result is a dynamic digital microcosmos.

Monika K. Adler (UK) – Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023, 3:11
Patriarchal Sabbath is a phase-shifted dream, sequenced from revolutionary surrealism’s mitochondrial DNA. Fragments from the psyches of the women surrealists who sought to unleash themselves from the “male-shaped symbolic order,” and through fascism, war, and exile, found their own voices and community. The figure of an anthropomorphic poodle dog, referencing its appearance in the works of Dorothea Tanning and Leonor Fini, acts as both an observer and latent spectre of liberation.

Francesca Fini (Italy) – Paradise Lost, 2022, 6:00
An alien creature wanders in a dreamlike and mysterious landscape that seems on the verge of collapsing at the first breath of wind.
This film was born from the artist’s desire to tell a recurring dream. In this dream, the unpleasant sensation of falling into the void – which we have all experienced at least once – fades into the feeling of precariousness and uncertainty characterizing our times. From the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, current events seem to mark a kind of countdown to nowhere. This alienating and dreamlike scenario is inhabited by strange and fantastic creatures who seem entrusted with the task of preserving the very essence of our animal nature

Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay) – The Subway Acupuncturist, 2023, 11:28
Random potpourri of disobedient events around with the subway acupuncturist.

Thomas Vallianatos (Greece) – Athens, the present that didn’t exist, 2023, 3:51
The project “Athens, the present that did not exist” aims at artistic representation through digital generated imagery via Artificial Intelligence (AI art).

Oliver Griem (South Korea) – A Virtual Death, 2021, 2:11
‘a virtual death’ is a metaphysical journey that explores the duality of self in a technology-driven era. It highlights how our digital lives have become an extension of our physical selves, creating a mirror of identities, reflecting our own anxieties over the implications of living in a world where we can manipulate the truth and escape the consequences of our actions.

17 May - 13 June 2024

17 May – 13 June 2024

The Anthropocene Project I (68 minutes)

Chih-Ming Fan (Taiwan) – Daily life, 2022, 05:45
Andreas Papadopoulos (Greece) – Point of departure_Athens III, 2021, 03:18
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – Pietas for you, 2023, 3:55
Enoh B. Lienemann (Germany) FLOOD, 2017, 7:24
Olivia Mia Orozco Saper & Marlene Coronel (USA) – Below, the endless stones”, 2024, 16:16
Yossi Galanti (IL) – Seed Bit, 2024, 02:14
Elena Vertikova (PL) – 395 M N.P.M., 2023, 3:23
Olga Papadopoulou (Greece) – Doomed, 2023, 6:06
Roberto Voorbij (NL) – #PeopleChurchNobility, 2024, 3:00
Ronit Keret (IL) – Abyss, 2021 , 01:49
Peter Whittenberger (USA) – If Only We Had Eyes To See, 2023, 03:34
Leonardo Cardamone (Italy) – Untitled, 2024, 11.04

ALPAHABET – is representing the screening platform of – The New Museum of Networked Art. From January 2021 on, ALPHABET will present an unique and exclusive program of audio-visual art, not only video, but also sonic art @ the new soundspace – and interactive art.

ALPHABET screenings

2024 The Foundation series Motto of the Year - 1924-2023 - 100 Years - Manifesto of Surrealism by Andre Breton - starting on 20 January 2023 ALPHA Darkrooms

Surrealist Vacation Resort Quito – 25 & 26 August 2023

The new Surrealist Darkroom starts the 2nd week of the Cologne based screenings on 29 July 2023!

The Summer of Peace!

Peace Letters Summer Marathon 2023 –
start on 13 July 2023 in Berlin

Peace Letters to Ukraine

Starting on 1 March 2022, The New Museum of Networked Art
is realising during The Russian War against Ukraine (open end), the audio-visual art project – Peace Letters to Ukraine – as an internationally networked action between participating artists, curators and cultural institutions in solidarity with Ukraine. Initiated by the Cologne based media artist and curator Agricola de Cologne – The Peace Letters Project would not only like to honour the collaboration with Ukrainian artists, curators and cultural institutions since 2008, but contribute to Peace and defend the endangered freedom – freedom of the word, expression and movement as the fundament of free art and culture.

The term “darkroom” refers to the screening spaces museums often establish for the presentation of audio-visual works, which usually are difficult to be handled in conventional museum exhibitions due to the audio aspect.

The ALPHABET DarkRooms are dedicated to cooperating institutions and the presented curated programs forming the unity of an artistic contexts. Some cooperations like CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity were lasting 10 years generating a more comprehensive context than Tenri in 2015, for instance, which however is unique this way, that the curated video programs were created for this special purpose, but this is generally good for most DarkRoom video programs.

NEW! Epochal! – NMONA @ TRYST

NEW! Epochal! – The Violence Project

Networked art via networked curating

Memory of the Future? – video art program curated by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne @ LA Art Show @ LA Convention Center – 19-23 January 2022


Torrance Art Museum presents Memorial to the Future, a collaborative installation.
The large-scale sculptural object created by Daniela Soberman, which houses the video components and open-source photographic elements, is curated and co-authored by Max Presneill of the Torrance Art Museum.
Video art curators Wilfried Agricola de Cologne and Kisito Assangni both contribute a video program each, of international video artists, as part of this architectural installation engaging with issues of environmental health and climate change.
Sue-Na Gay, TAM Assistant Curator supplied the open source photographic images used in this installation.
DIVERSEartLA 2022 is curated by Marisa Caicholo for the LA Art Show

WOWretro is following a unique concept – packing the venues, networking partners, artists and curators joining Agricola de Cologne’s artistic, curatorial and institutional networking during 20 years – 2000-2020 – into the 365 days of the year 2020, eg. NewMediaFest2020.

Initiated in 2020, The Alpha Dark / Rooms will be launched during 2021 presenting a permanent collection of the screening program concepts as they were realized in collaboration with seven (7) networking partners – Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles, ADAF – Athens Digital Art Festival, MACZUL – Museum of Contemporary Art Maracaibo, Ex Teresa Arte Actual Mexico City, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Santiago de Chile, CEC – Carnival of e-Creativity, TENRI- Japanese-German Cultural Centre Cologne – in total more than 100 exhibitions.