artvideoKOELN Founded in 2010 as the curatorial initiative “art and moving images” continuing the wide range of activities around “art & moving images” and the challenging audio-visual medium of video since 2004, artvideoKOELN is a media art project context created, directed & curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne. As such …

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Agricola de Cologne


Agricola de Cologne is the artist brand, launched on 1 January 2000, standing for the concept of multi-disciplinary media artist and curator living in Cologne, representing, as such, an experimental media art project for itself, a multi-dimensional virtual sculpture. As such, he has multiple functions in the context of the …

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A Virtual Memorial

A Virtual Memorial Foundation is a media art project environment dealing with memory and commemorative aspects in form of a virtual foundation initiated, created and curated by Agricola de Cologne, who is also the President of A Virtual Memorial Foundation. A Virtual Memorial Foundation had two realisation phases, 2000-2010 as …

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Text can be downloaded as PDF JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art (JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs) JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project Index An introduction What is netart? Introduction Founded in 2000 by Agricola de Cologne, JavaMuseum is a virtual museum for virtual art, net based art …

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SoundLAB – on occasion of its particiaption in Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia 2004 SoundLab* a sonic art environment, a virtual & physical media space & project and an initiative directed by Agricola de Cologne, New Media curator and media artist from Cologne/Germany realised between 2004- 2010 each year …

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Art & Moving Images

The most comprehensive department is representing “art & moving images” incorporating not only more than 5000 art videos and films, but also an astonishing number of screening programs (so-called pre-images) and an even more comprehensive collection of divisionistic (virtual) images, these pre-images were generating. Although “video” had not such a …

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This department is hosting AVMCI – A Virtual Memorial – International Center for Commemorative Interventions and its experimental event structure complementing the manifestations of Collective Trauma Film Collections – featuring SFC Shoah Film Collection It is one of the museum’s most active departments acting cross-platform, cross-departemental and cross-disciplinary Draft Title: …

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Collection of Festivals The festival as an art project. Organising a festival online was the consequence from the social activities and building networks between different art related parties, but in life thing mostly happen on coincidence.So it was in the given case. Invited by a physical festival “Violens” in Czech …

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The collection of collective shows includes the artist’s participations in exhibitions and festivals since 2000, this is good for participating individual art works like , as well as the screening programs as indiviual curatorial works. As for the curated screenings, listing the venues give no information about the programs as …

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The collection of networks Networking as artworking The main artistic activities by Agricola de Cologne can be described like that. For someone, who is choosing the Internet as an artistic medium, some essential consequences are connected when he starts establishing a social context via networking and realise this social network …

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The below listed collection of instances represent networking partners and venues of events for the participation/involvement of Agricola de Cologne on one hand, on the other the entire context the participation was embedded and belongs also to the collection in form of “shadows”, so that the collection of these shadows …

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The Collection of Shadows The Shadow is not just a philosophical issue of “the divisionistic principle”, it can be compared with the “dark matter” as an essential component of the “Universe”, a kind of canvas the divisionistic components are embedded in. As a natural phenomenon, the shadow is depending on …

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